Timeguard Digital Light Switch with Optional Dusk Start


The ZV700B from Timeguard is a digital light switch giving you four control options over your lighting. It has the normal on/off function of a standard light switch but with the energy saving options of having your lights switch on and off at programmable times or when light levels are low at dusk (with a specified light off time). As an additional security feature this handy device allows you to set your lights to operate at random times to help deter would be intruders! The ZV700B has an easy-view blue illuminated screen allowing you to programme 6 different time periods (5 day plus 2 day or 7 day programming) with an optional lights ON at Dusk setting. It is easy to use and has automatic summer/winter time changeover so once it is set to your requirements you won’t have to touch it again! This digital light switch is truly versatile and will control 40 – 400W of filament bulbs 18 – 76W fluorescent bulbs and 20 – 200W of low voltage bulbs and will fit a standard flush or surface mount BS wall box – 25mm minimum in depth. It comes with a 3 year manufacturer guarantee.

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