SecuPlace Wireless PIR Motion Detector – Pet Immune


Part of the SecuPlace security system the ELPET is a wireless PIR motion detector with a difference – its digital full-area vision is able to distinguish between infra-red signals received from humans and those received from animals (up to 36kg pet) enabling the system to be set whilst pets are present and avoiding the triggering of false alarms. This motion detector has a range of 12 meters and will notify the SecuPlace control panel if activated which in turn will set off an alarm and a pre-determined event e.g. a message to the owner/occupier. Powered by 2 x 3.6V batteries the unit has LED indication for enable/disable and a dual element pyroelectric sensor type. To purchase the wireless PIR detector as part of the SecuPlace alarm kit please refer to the ELKITSP3 and ELKITSP3TRI options.

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