Kidde RF-SFTP Mains Alarm Trimplate with Wireless Capability


The Kidde RF-SFTP is a mains alarm trimplate with wireless capability. When fitted instead of the standard base it allows up to 15 units to be wirelessly interconnected with only one base requiring hard wiring the other alarms are interconnected using RF (RF-SFTP bases are required for all alarms in the circuit). It enables a versatile system of interconnected Kidde Slick alarm units to be set up without the need for additional interconnection cable and has a wireless range of up to 150 meters in free space. The RF-SFTP is mains powered with an rechargeable integral lithium battery which last 10 years and provides up to 3 months of continuous use in the event of a mains power failure. Other features include a visual indication if any RF alarm loses connection amber and green LED alarm status indicators and a unique identification code preventing cross interferance from other RF systems. It is easy set up and add additional alarms making it ideal for one person to install and comes with integral double-decker screwless terminal blocks for fast push-fit connection. The RF-SFTP can be used with the Kidde RTH to remotely test and hush all alarms within the circuit. The RF-SFTP has a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

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