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SecuPlace Wireless PIR Motion Detector

elpir Part of the SecuPlace security system the ELPIR is a wireless PIR motion detector. This motion detector has a range of 14 meters and will notify the SecuPlace control panel if activated which in turn will set off an alarm

SecuPlace Wireless Universal Transmitter

elutx_2 Part of the SecuPlace wireless security system the ELUTX is a wireless universal transmitter used for connecting a variety of peripherals to the control system. The transmitter includes a single input terminal used for connecting a wide range of wireless

SecuPlace Wireless Rectangular Siren

elrecbellwb_3 Part of the SecuPlace wireless security system the ELRECBELLWB is a wireless 2 way rectangular siren designed to extend the audible ringing of the SecuPlace alarm outside of its protective area. It is powered by 3V lithium batteries with a

SecuPlace Wireless Multi-function Remote Keypad

elrkp-i2 Part of the SecuPlace wireless security system the ELRKP is a wireless multi-function remote keypad. It is designed for use as a secondary arming station – allowing you to control the SecuPlace alarm from multiple exit points within your home

Kidde Combination Smoke & CO Alarm With Voice Warning

10sco_angle_2 The Kidde 10SCO utilises the latest in Kidde technology to combine two alarms into one – Smoke and Carbon monoxide. This battery operated alarm (9V battery supplied as standard) will give a loud (85dB) clear verbal warning when danger is

Kidde 10 Year Optical Smoke Alarm Battery Operated

10y29_face The 10Y29 optical smoke alarm from Kidde is a fit and forget smoke alarm designed to be operational for 10 years with no maintenance required! It has a non-replaceable sealed-in lithium battery with a 10 year life time so you

Kidde KF30 Heat Alarm – Mains Powered with Battery Back-up

kf30_face_resize The Firex KF30 from Kidde is a mains powered heat alarm that is simple to use but very effective in the detection it is designed for. Heat alarms are suitable for use throughout the home in humid or dusty environments

Kidde PATCO Surface Pattress

patco_resize_1 The Kidde PATCO is a surface mounted pattress for use with mains powered Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Designed to be the perfect fit for all Kidde mains CO alarms including the 4MCO and 4MDCO. Easy to install it is particular suitable

Kidde REM-TH Remote Test and Hush Unit

rem-th_angle_resized The Kidde REM-TH Remote Test and Hush Unit is a hard wired unit that enables you to both test and hush a series of interconnected alarms from one location rather than going round each alarm and testing them individually. This

Kidde RTH Slick Portable Remote Test and Hush Switch

kn-rth-rf_angle_resized The Kidde RTH portable remote test and hush switch is part of the Kidde Slick range. It is a Radio Frequency (RF) remote Test and Hush Switch that will wirelessly link to one wireless alarm base (RF-SFTP) allowing the operator

Kidde RF-SFTP Mains Alarm Trimplate with Wireless Capability

rf-sftp_angle_resized_1 The Kidde RF-SFTP is a mains alarm trimplate with wireless capability. When fitted instead of the standard base it allows up to 15 units to be wirelessly interconnected with only one base requiring hard wiring the other alarms are interconnected

Kidde SMK23RU Relay Pattress

smk23ru_angle_resized Kidde SMK23RU is a relay pattress for all Kidde and Firex mains alarms involving cable entry via trunking or conduit. The SMK23RU can be used via suitable relay controls to trigger auxiliary devices such as door closers warning lights horns

Firex SMK4896 Deep Pattress

smk4896_face_resized The Firex SMK4896 is an extra deep (18mm) pattress for surface installation of all mains-powered Firex alarms involving cable entry via trunking or conduit (see technical specification for full list of compatible alarms). It has a loose fit terminal block

SecuPlace Wireless Vibration Detector

elshock Part of the SecuPlace security system the ELSHOCK is a wireless vibration detector designed to set off an alarm before an intruder has a chance to enter the premises. It is designed to trigger at the first stages of a

SecuPlace Wireless Smoke Detector

elsmoke Part of the SecuPlace security system this wireless smoke detector when triggered will send a signal to the SecuPlace control panel triggering an alarm and a pre-determined event such as notifying the home owner. This photoelectric detector is ceiling mounted

Aico RadioLink + Plug In Module for Wireless Alarm Interconnection

ei100mrf_10 The Ei100MRF is an optional add-on for RadioLink + alarms that will allow wireless hardwired or wireless/hardwired systems to interconnect with up to 12 other alarms. It simply plugs into the designated slot in an Ei160e series alarm head to

Aico Alarm Remote Control Switch – Mains Powered

ei1529rc_14 The Ei1529RC is a Remote Control Switch that runs on 230V AC mains power. It is designed for use with 2100 160RC and 140RC Series smoke and heat alarms and 260RC series Carbon Monoxide alarms. It increases the flexibility and

Aico RadioLink Base – Mains Powered with Lithium Back-up

ei168rc_10 The Ei168RC is an alarm base unit designed for use with 2100 160RC and 140 series smoke and heat alarms to enable a comprehensive system without the need for a cable between any alarms. The Ei168RC is powered by 230V

Aico RadioLink Wireless Alarm Controller

ei450_10 The Aico Ei450 alarm controller allows the wireless control of a complete system of RadioLink enabled fire and carbon monoxide alarms (which are mounted on the Ei168RC RadioLink bases). Through this discreet and modern designed controller a system of interconnected

Aico Manual Call Point – Mains Powered with Battery Back-up

mcp401rc_14 The MCP401 RC is a Manual Call Point that runs on 230V AC mains power. It has built in rechargeable Lithium cells that act as a battery back-up in the event of mains failure. These rechargeable cells are designed to