BG Nexus White Moulded 13A RCD Fused Connection Unit Latched


This Nexus White Moulded 13A fused connection unit has RCD protection and has a flex outlet. It has a classic design with soft rounded edges which will compliment any interior and has Re-set and Test Buttons. The RCD spur on this socket continuously monitors the power supply to any electrical appliance hardwired to it and is designed to cut power if an earth current fault is detected – thus preventing fatal electric shocks. If the unit loses supply (through a power failure for example) the RCD will trip and cut the power supply. When the supply resumes through the RCD the appliance will revert to its original state making the 855RCD particularly useful for protecting indoor appliances such as fridges and freezers. This double socket is supplied with matching screw covers hiding any ugly fixing screws and giving it a sleek appearance. It has colour coded terminals and backed out captive screws for ease of installation. Part of the Nexus White Moulded Range a full compliment of matching products are available. 25 Year Manufacturer Guarantee.

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