7 Day Slimline Electronic General Purpose Timer


The NTT07 from Timeguard is an electronic programmable 7 day timer. It has a slim profile and is a general purpose timer suitable not only for controlling immersion heaters (it has a 16A load rating) but it will also switch up to 750W of a variety of lighting including LED (not suitable for discharge lighting). This easy to use timer allows you to set 4 ON and 4 OFF periods per day/28 per week with the shortest switching time of 1 minute. It has additional features making it easy to use including easy-set programming large easy push programme buttons and extra large digital LED viewing screen. The NTT07 also has red and green LED indicators to show mains on and output status self-cancelling override button automatic summer/winter changeover and has a 720 hour rechargeable memory back-up. It is easy to install and programme and has voltage free contacts if required. 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee.

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